Like many of you, I found myself in a successful yet unfulfilling career. With over 15 years of experience in Recruiting and HR leadership, I’ve climbed the corporate ladder and achieved significant milestones. However, I felt burnt out and dissatisfied despite the success and found myself yearning for something more meaningful.

After leaving my corporate career to pursue health coaching, I learned through a lot of tears and draining my life savings, that quitting it all and starting your own business is not the only solution to find those feelings of fulfillment, joy, and meaning you desire.

It was through coaching that I experienced profound transformation. I discovered my unique strengths and passions, allowing me to realign my life and career with what truly matters to me. Now, I'm on a mission to empower others to do the same.

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My qualifications & expertise give me a sound tactical background, but it's my experience in walking this path myself that make me a truly effective coach.

With a background in recruiting for renowned companies like Culture Amp, Cisco Meraki, and Oyster, I bring extensive expertise in understanding what employers are looking for both in the office and for remote jobs. Having reviewed countless resumes, conducted thousands interviews, and collaborated with hiring managers, I have an insider's perspective on the job market and what companies are looking for in their next hire. As your coach, I'll help you craft a standout resume that gets through filters and captures recruiters' attention, prepare you for interviews with confidence, and guide you through negotiating the offer you deserve.

Beyond the tactical aspects, I'm committed to helping you gain clarity on your career goals and values – and helping you understand yourself better in the process – so you can pursue work that aligns with who you are.

Why work with me?

“I’ve been working with Eryn on and off for the last 8 years. I would not be where I am in my career or as fulfilled in my day to day without Eryn’s coaching. Most poignantly, this last November I was genuinely minutes away from quitting my job and something inside me said to book a call with Eryn before taking that massive leap. After really listening to what was important to me, Eryn guided me to shift my beliefs and my actions. Instead of quitting, I took action to go for another role within my company. With her coaching, I was able to get a promotion, a raise, and I now have more balance, freedom, and autonomy than I did in my previous role. Eryn’s guidance is sound, grounded, and she has so much experience and context to back up her coaching. I could not recommend Eryn enough if you want hyper-experienced career coaching and guidance that deals with the whole person vs. surface level advice.”

Kaitlin Meek

Partnerships Manager at Culture Amp

"Eryn taught me about Genius Zones, celebrated our mutual witchiness, and encouraged me to stop trying to be "ops-y" when I wanted to be creative. My life has been changed because of this woman."


"Thank you again for helping me feel confident again in my professional value."


Create movement & meaning in your professional life.

What to expect...

Working together, you'll not only enhance your job search skills but also deepen your understanding of yourself and what you truly want in your career. You'll feel empowered, prepared, and inspired to take the next step towards landing your dream role. We’ll work in a four-month container, ensuring you have support and time to integrate.

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